A90 Ankle Straps

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Package includes:

  • Two ankle straps
  • Two metal rings per piece for more security
  • Three programs including videos and workout programs:
    • A90 Ankle Straps - Wrist rehab
    • A90 Ankle Straps - Leg Day
    • A90 Ankle Straps - Core 

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      How to get the most out of your A90 Full Set?

      Attach your ankle straps to perform a whole new range of core exercises as well as lower body movements.

      “All the ab exercises which you can do with the ankle straps are a nice plus. Their biggest advantage, however, lies in all the possible glute and hamstring movements. The two most valuable exercises? Resistance band push backs (for glutes) as well as leg curls with the A90 Cable Pulley or our resistance bands! The ankle straps perfectly complement the typical leg days which are usually focused on squats or leg presses and allow you to work out at home as if you were in a gym.”

      Simon Sparber, Angles90 founder


      for your core and lower body!

      Workouts included

      Tips for legs, abs and wrist rehab

      For men too

      Tested and approved

      Premium quality

      We use skin friendly and cushioned materials

      Double hooks

      For easier attachment and more comfort

      Where to use

      A90 Resistance Bands: for isolated lower body and core exercises
      A90 Sling Trainer: for compound/functional lower body and core exercises
      A90 Cable Pulley: for compound and isolated lower body exercises

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 13 reviews
      Jonas Beauchemin
      Angles90 Complete Line of Products

      As an gym equipment minimalist, I have found the Angles90 line of equipment to bring incredible value, versatility, and require no floor space. The only limitation is the users creativity.

      Terry Villegas
      Very Inexpensive to get my workout done

      The ability to use kettlebells, sandbags, and dumbbells to attach as weight for the cable system is awesome. My wife uses the ankle attachments and loves it.

      Ankle straps

      Very sturdy, very comfortable. Much better than the ankle straps I was using before.

      Ima Uko
      Great Equipment

      Love the grip. Makes lifting so much easier.

      jerry palomo

      A90 Ankle Straps